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CUBED Spot Treatment

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Specialized formulation for acne, abscess, severe acne (stony papule), lip sore, lip eczema.


Cubed Spot Treatment (600mg 8ml)

The simple yet effective formulation that blends with high strength CBD oil, intensively helps relieve skin conditions including inflamed, swollen and stinging problems.

The roller design helps easily apply it on the problematic spots, including severe acne, inflammation and oozing area to expedite the recovery process and reduce scarring and skin pigmentation.

The light and soft oil texture provides a breathable layer to skin to help manage the sebum produced by sebaceous glands; moisturize and nourish skin; and improve the inflammatory condition. Our alcohol-free and steroid-free formula makes it an everyday product to use.

It is suitable for all skin types. Apply it on cleansed skin, gently massage it into the problematic spots until absorbed before using other skincare products.

*We recommend to use it with other Cubed products for a better result*


If you suffer from the following symptoms

    • Acne, Face Abscess, Severe Acne (Stony Papule), Lip Sore, Lip Eczema, Skin Inflammation, Weeping Skin, Swelling Skin, Swollen Sores


Specially formulated for Asian skin problems

    • Helps expedite the healing process of stony papule and swollen sores

    • Particularly helps relieve itching, swelling, redness, inflammation, and painful skin

    • Helps avoid the formation of severe hormonal sores, pimples and acne

    • Helps stabilize skin conditions, reduce acne, pimples and swollen sores

    • As a base product to help absorb other skincare products


Most of the customers agree that spot treatment helps expedite the recovery of skin from inflammation and weeping skin

Active CBD 600mg. Hemp Seed Oil.

Cubed strive to provide all-rounded, affordable, and high-quality products formulated specifically for Hongkongers with sensitive skins and wellbeing needs. The comprehensive product lines bring a natural and alternative way beyond traditional medicines for Hongkongers to deal with daily problems.

We aim to promote Cubed by making it socially available. We hope to incorporate our products into Hongkongers’ daily routine and provide Hongkongers with a means to turn their daily stresses into peaceful moments.

Adhering to our principle—Real People, Real Journeys, Real Results—Cubed promises to use the finest ingredients, show only the real results and be endorsed only by real customers.

Apply it on the problematic spots. Gently massage it on the spots until absorbed.

Not for applying all over the face.

CUBED Spot Treatment




No heavy metals, GMO-free, organic and ethically sourced, cruelty-free, pesticide and sulphate-free. We only sell products that have been rigorously tested - email us for results at


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